Body Piercing

Body Piercing @ Kutz N Kurlz Hair & Beauty

We are registered with the Local Authority for Body Piercing.

Having a piercing for quite a number of people is just about turning up at a "Piercing Studio" having the piercing they were looking to have, and then going home.

For a lot of people it is a far from easy, and can seem like quite an ordeal. For this reason we feel it is important that each and every client does their homework regarding which "Piercing Studio" they choose. They must feel completely comfortable at each stage. Any questions should be answered fully, and to the complete satisfaction of the person being pierced.

We have addressed many of the concerns that are around when deciding to have a piercing.

Please feel free to browse the piercing pages @ Kutz N Kurlz where we hope your questions will be answered. 

If you have any questions for us please 'contact us' and we will get back to you.