Online Bookings

Hi everyone, you may or may not know hat our salon software company sold out during lockdown. We have chosen a replacement software company, but it only got installed Friday 12th March. We are working hard to get online bookings working again, we just need to iron out a few issues and we will be up and running.

Thank you for your understanding, we will post on social media and email when we have the bookings open again.

It is a little different than before, but i think you will like it.

Thanks again


Book online 24/7

Please read the information below before booking, then choose your preferred salon further down the page.

  • Please book early to ensure you reserve the appointment date and time that suits you best.
  • If your chosen appointment is not available at this time, Please contact your 'Salon of Choice' where we will do our best to fit you in.
  • Most of our services are available online, if the Service required is not listed, please contact your Salon of Choice to make the booking. If you feel the service should be available online please'Email us'and where possible we will aim to add it to the list.


All Colour, Highlighting and Tinting Services will require an Allergy Test to be carried out at least 48hrs prior to your appointment.

If you have not had an allergy test performed, or you have an allergic reaction, unfortunately you WILL NOT be able to have your service undertaken at this time.
This may not mean that you will always get an Allergic reaction. We recommend you have another test in around 2 weeks.

We regret that due to European Legislation, children who are 15 years of age or younger are not allowed to have any Colour services.

Please choose your preferred salon below for our online bookings.