System 75

System75 at Kutz N Kurlz Hair & Beauty

System75 is a piercing system from one of the worlds leading earing manufacturers "Studex". 

Having your ears pierced in the usual way requires the studs to be put in to a piercing gun to have the piercing.        

This method leads to difficulty when both ears require piercing. Either 2 people are required, or one ear has to be done first, then the other one.

This is ok if the person getting pierced does not get upset after the first one is done. This is not usually the case, and it becomes difficult to complete both ears when the person is now afraid. It is of course understandable, after all, first the person hears the "Bang" of the gun, then the stud pierces their ear. This can be quite frightening.

With System75, the studs come in pre-packed sterile containers.        

There is no gun involved, therefore no loud bang. The studs are aligned to the ear, and when ready the inbuilt stud holder is squeezed and the ear is pierced. The person getting pierced still has the pain of the stud, but not the Loud Bang from the gun. This we have found to be less stressful for the person getting pierced, and the parent. It also occasionally allows both ears to be done at the same time with one person - this is subject to individual consultations.